Android losing connection

I used to ride whit the same setups as now but suddenly my kinetic inride is losing connection after short ride of 7min or 15 min and after that disconnection it is impossible to reinstall also my heartrate band has no connection anymore


was this following the latest update? i used to have no issues but since the last update my trainer loses connection and won’t pair again without restarting zwift.

same issue samsung tab s7+. once i lose connection there’s nothing i can do to re-pair it without restarting zwift

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Here is what I do to make everything pair initially

but once you lose connection I have never been able to re-pair anything. Only happens with zwift, using the elite/tacx apps if connection drops everything repairs fine.

this. and i have a stages sb20. once the connection drops, that’s it, game over. initial pairing goes great. everything goes great until 5-10 min into the ride when the first(and last) dropout happens

I feel your pain!