My experiences with Android and pairing devices

I have been solely using android for Zwift for a couple of months now and there is a slightly weird pairing bug and here is my workaround.

i’m not sure if it is just me but it happens on more than one device so think it might be an issue more widely throught android devices.

When i get to the paring screen, i pair a device, it pairs and then goes to no signal for a bit before appearing again and seems to them remain paired. This seems to happen with all devices. So when pairing make sure you let it pair and wait for the no signal thing to go away before hitting “let’s go”.

the problems arise when the let’s go auto selects when everything is paired and then the countdown hits 0 as something is showing no signal. this will then (in my experience at least) not be able to be paired at all.

My work around is once everything is paired and the countdown starts unpair something to stop it usually cadence from my trainer for me) then wait for everything to show up without the no signal sign and repair the cadence. From then once everything is paired and nothing is showing no signal hit let’s go and it should all be fine.

A bit annoying but this works for me at least!