Android Beta connection issue

Not sure if this is the best place to report this but I have just tried to use the Android beta for the first time.

I use a wattbike normally with an iPhone, and I connect by starting the Wattbike hub app, connect to the bike and start a ‘just ride’ . once the ride starts I kill the app and then start up zwift and it can see the bike and I can start the ride.

On android this seemed a bit hit and miss, but finally got going, What I seemed to notice was that if I swiped down on the screen or tap on a notification then it lost connection to the bike. I had to go into the Menu, bluetooth, disconnect and reconnect the power meter and then I would be off again. Is this a known thing? Being worked on, or is there a workaround? Or is it just the way it is.

On the plus size the experience on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is way way way better than my old iPhone 7.

I moved this topic to the Android Beta Feedback section :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! We’re working on general connectivity with the Android Beta so workarounds aren’t going to be as effective as the full versions on PC/MAC and iOS. For the next update we are working on BLE connectivity specifically. We’ll keep everyone updated, thanks for writing in.

Yes I have the same issue.
Beta app worked perfectly for a few weeks but now the Bluetooth randomly cuts out mid ride.
Very annoying especially if your in a race.
Generally happens about 2-6 times over 20 miles.

An hour ago, my connection with the beta app and my Wahoo BC cadence/speed meter and HR monitor all stopped connecting in the middle of a ride. Reinstalled the app - no joy. The meters and monitor work fine with the Wahoo app, reading all.

I have been using the Beta almost daily for over 2 months and I continue to be plagued with very long initial connection times. I am using a Stages SC3 indoor bike in a gym. My device is a Lenovo Yoga Pro Tab 3. It takes at least 10 minutes of me spinning for it to register the Stages. Recently, it has gotten worse and is taking over 15 minutes. My workarounds are to cycle the bluetooth and to restart the tablet. Please improve the Search function for accessories.

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