Android Beta connection issue

(Steve Ludlow) #1

Not sure if this is the best place to report this but I have just tried to use the Android beta for the first time.

I use a wattbike normally with an iPhone, and I connect by starting the Wattbike hub app, connect to the bike and start a ‘just ride’ . once the ride starts I kill the app and then start up zwift and it can see the bike and I can start the ride.

On android this seemed a bit hit and miss, but finally got going, What I seemed to notice was that if I swiped down on the screen or tap on a notification then it lost connection to the bike. I had to go into the Menu, bluetooth, disconnect and reconnect the power meter and then I would be off again. Is this a known thing? Being worked on, or is there a workaround? Or is it just the way it is.

On the plus size the experience on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is way way way better than my old iPhone 7.

(Vincent) #2

I moved this topic to the Android Beta Feedback section :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! We’re working on general connectivity with the Android Beta so workarounds aren’t going to be as effective as the full versions on PC/MAC and iOS. For the next update we are working on BLE connectivity specifically. We’ll keep everyone updated, thanks for writing in.

(Marcus Haughton ) #3

Yes I have the same issue.
Beta app worked perfectly for a few weeks but now the Bluetooth randomly cuts out mid ride.
Very annoying especially if your in a race.
Generally happens about 2-6 times over 20 miles.

(. ol' eagletouch) #4

An hour ago, my connection with the beta app and my Wahoo BC cadence/speed meter and HR monitor all stopped connecting in the middle of a ride. Reinstalled the app - no joy. The meters and monitor work fine with the Wahoo app, reading all.