Android App - Keep Screen Awake During Ride

It would be great if the android app could have logic implemented to keep the screen from sleeping when the mobile app is connected to a ride in progress.  I’ve seen other apps that have this android permission, not sure how hard it is to implement though.

Currently I just have to try to remember to change the screen sleep settings before starting a ride or I wind up having to wake my phone up for nearly every power up or turn.

Hi K.C. –

This should already work.  Are you running the 1.7 version of the app?

Can you tell me which Android device you are using?  Which Android version?  Did you customize the ROM in any way?

This was an issue a while ago, but has been fixed for quite a while.



Swift app 1.7
Verizon LG G4
Android 6.0 with the June 2016 update applied 26a is the Verizon software version.
I have not customized the ROM

I have the same issue

Zwift app 1.7

HTC One M8

Android version 6.0

No ROM customizations