Heads up display on/off

Is there an option in the pipeline to toggle the heads up data display on or off?  maybe a keyboard shortcut?  so that you can enjoy the full screen while just riding or toggle it back on when in workout or if you want it?

Would be quite handy to be able to?   

There is a way by editing the prefs file to ride with no UI at all, but that is inconvenient. I do not recall how, but if you search online it should come up. I did it a couple times, but it is not worth the bother.


This SHOULD be an option!


We should NOT have to edit XML for this to happen!

I would like the option to turn on each of the elements independently.  I really don’t care about the ride list of the top times for climb/sprint but I do want to keep the data of my power output and heart rate.

This is the code to add in the <config> block to turn almost everything off:



Would you be able to provide a bit more detail on where the <config> would be located WIN10.

And, just add this as a .txt file?

Thanks in advance

 Here’s a link showing the full file and the modification you need to make to it (as noted in the article, it’s Documents/Zwift/prefs.xml that you need to edit



Thanks Kevin.
If you switch to a minimal heads up display, do you still get the all the usual data on the Zwift mobile app? if so :+1:

Thank you! I forgot where it was located…

Hi Kevin

Thank you for the info, much appreciated.

And yes, add my vote for Zwift to incorporate the capability to toggle on-off various information on the HUD.

Take care




+1 for a toggle

Would love to have a quick, 1 button toggle to remove the HUD. Just enjoy the scenic ride for a bit … then turn it back on when needed. Thanks!

Especially with the awesome artwork on the new roads, it would be great to have a hotkey (maybe V to view) to turn off and on all the data clutter from the screen! :heavy_check_mark:

Agreed! It’s a shame to cover up those beautiful immersive worlds you guys have created with all the hud graphics.
I’d ride with it switched off all the time and keep up on the phone for data

Each data display area should be able to be independently hidden or removed, I would love to ride with the whole screen as my view!