Toggle Displays on Top of Screen On/Off

With the new Titans Grove course, there is so much to look at and much of it is above your head. It would be great to be able to toggle those, ie. Watts, HR, Cadence, Speed, Time, Distance, Level Bar, Mini-map, on and off with the Companion app. Most of that information is there anyway and it would make the whole visual that much more immersive. This has been true of most of the climbs as well… when climbing you’re always looking up, even the roads are occasionally out of view and you can’t see the riders in front as well. Would think this would be an easy bang for the buck to implement!

Customized HUD

Yep… that would work too! :wink:

put set g_bDrawHud=0 in your config.txt file.
or put <MINIMAL_UI>1</MINIMAL_UI> in the <CONFIG> section of your prefs.xml
or use

cost you nothing

And if I’m on Apple TV?? :slight_smile:

Sorry Steve. I got nothing for AppleTV. I’ll upvote all the Customized HUD requests for you.

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