An error has occurred sending your payment information

Hi K, did you manage to solve issue ? I face it also.

Hi Clem,

At the end , it was Issue with bank that blocked the transaction for Zwift sign up.

Hi K,
Thanks to your answer, I called my bank. There is an update of 3D secure system for credit cards. It may explain why I cannot register my credit card in my Zwift account. This update should end in December 2020 (no precise date). It is frustrating.

I am going to try a new app as this is crazy trying different payment methods and browsers with different computers. When patience returns maybe I’ll try again. It should easy to give a company money.

Was having the same problem. Never had so much trouble trying to give money to a company, kinda pathetic. As another user pointed out on another page, not the one where you enter credit card info, there is a checkbox that you agree to being billed every month. Once I checked that it went through. Now that I’ve checked it can’t find on what page it was. I thought it was one of those do you agree zsift sends you emails so I had missed it.

Hope this helps.

I am also having problems with payment. Same error message. I looked for the mysterious check box agreeing to monthly payments but could not find it. Any help on that?


Sorry now that my payment went through I don’t see it anymore so can’t tell you exactly where it is. I can tell you it is NOT on the same page where you enter credit card information. My suggestion would be to start the process again and keep an eye for it on the different pages it takes you.

Having the same problem as my new credit card uses 3D Secure. Never had a problem before.
Did anybody successfully pay by credit card requiring two-factor authentication? If yes: your help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

The Zwift support is not very helpful here as they suggest the same “solutions” every time: use different browser, clean the cache, use different computer…
I went through all of their suggestions, but to no avail. :frowning:

Having the same issue. Different cards adresses and nothing. Zwift suport is a disgrace

I had the same issue. Called the bank and macht the adress and created a virtual debit card with my bank app. Problem solved

Having the same issue. Nothing changed in 2022 :neutral_face:

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I had the same thing and reading these messages I tried the following which worked:

On the page where you give consent and confirm your credit card details, there are two links to term&conditions. I opened and scrolled through both and then ticked the consent box and submitted. Then in worked.

Any progress here? February 2023 and they still can’t figure it out.

Possible solution: have a look at your credit card settings. Banks sometimes change the countries in which you can use the card. Payments to the US need to be activated in order to use Zwift.


fixed it! Changed my Visa tot world, the bank changed it into only europe.

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Indeed, check your setting of your credit card. Zwift account worked since 2017 and suddenly stopped in may 2023. Problem was my bank changed the setting to use the credit card to world(exept USA). So change this to entire world, and it works immediately


I am struggling with the same issue.
Funny thing is, I might leave Zwift because they make it so hard to send them the money!

Faced the same issue this month. I have been using Zwift for a year now. I am based in India, and due to RBI regulations, need to process the transaction manually every month.
Tried this month but now facing the error to try a different payment method.
Have tried incognito as well as Paypal, still it continues to fail.
Called up the bank, and they aren’t receiving any request for charging the card. They did receive request from Paypal for $0 which was to validate the card, but none from Zwift.
Any suggestions?

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Guys, I faced the same issue. You just have to open an inconito tab in your browser, then it works.