amazing footage on zwift working with misuro b+

(Zdzislaw Karczewski) #1

shows cadence not showing power - not moving.

Misuro works well with elite app.

The same thing with ant+ and ble.

Kinda boring staying in one place. Dont you think?

(Zdzislaw Karczewski) #2

so after unpairing cadence it show only speed for 1 second when I start pedaling then constant 0 and then after stop again for 2-3 seconds.


I can show u video if u want. Distance between misuro and laptop was 20cm…

All drivers the latest.


Will you fix it or not?




(Zdzislaw Karczewski) #3

third thing it can shows constant power when I pedal really slow at about 2-5km/h - then it shows about 500-600W and then when i start to pedal normall way it shows constant 0.


(Przemek Dynowski) #4

My Zwift don’t see misuro at all using ble…

As I know there’s known problem with Misuro and ble and I hope they will find a cure soon.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #5

This is a bug. See this forum post:

Don’t know if this is fixed already but the guys from Zwift haven’t reported back in that post. I think the issue still exists…