Alternative to an FTP

(Wayne Auton) #1

Is there an alternative to an FTP? Like the Sufferfest Full Frontal ?
Does the Zwift FTP work out more than just your 1 hour threshold ?

(Gerrie Delport) #2

FTP is not a Zwift thing, it has been a standard long before Zwift.

(Paul Allen) #3

VO2 max another good metric. It really depends on what you are training for. FTP has little bearing on my training.

(Nigel Doyle) #4

Trainerroad has a new ramp test that gives you pretty much the same result as a 20 minute FTP test. Removes a few variables like going out too hard. You just have to go really hard the last couple of minutes until you can no longer hold the power. It’s now my new way of FTP testing.