Alp di zwift racing and the prize wheel

Suggest moving the finish line when racing Alp du Zwift.
Currently when finishing a race up the alp, the race results mask the prize wheel.

Suggest making the race complete the flat loop at the top to allow prize wheel to spin, and then have race results show. The flat might also make final sprints more interesting!

this should probably have been posted in the feedback or maybe feature request forum

Moved to Feature Request.

Isn’t it something that should correspond to the real Alpe d’Huez route, including the start and the finish line?

Rather than move the finish, how about just not having the results window pop up immediately after crossing the finish line? Maybe a button labeled “Results” pops up after the finish that you can click when you’re ready to view the results table. And maybe a second button labeled “Instant Replay” to view a replay of the last 30 seconds of the race…