Stage completion popup

(Trey Gruel (HERD)) #1

When completing the final stage of the Tour de Zwift, it popped up the race results window. It starts at the top, then scrolls down, as if it’s going to show me my position, but stops well short of it. In order to get my actual results, I have to keep scrolling until I find myself - not the easiest thing with an Apple TV remote…

It was much simpler when the race results/position was disabled and it just popped up the stage completion info with your distance, time, and avg. wattage.

I get that some people are competitive, even when it’s not really a race, and would prefer the race results with their position, but it’s not the best UX for those of us who aren’t.

Perhaps an option for what kind of stage finish shows or a simple popup with a button to bring up the full results might be better.