Allow Saves Without Exit

This seems like such a simple fix. I don’t understand why it’s available on some platforms but still hasn’t been introduced on the PC platforms. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to restart the app and re-pair before starting another ride. Zwift, PLEASE resolve this as soon as possible!


Another vote for this feature to be available, it is probably my biggest disappointment with Zwift.

So frustrating…

Happy New Year!


It would be very helpfull if there is a possibility to save whithout exit

For me it will be great too. That itś saved automatically a workout or race and you can seperate save the free ride.

I don’t understand why this is still not a feature after 16 months…should be a VERY simple coding.


Astounding that this software was launched this way and absurd that it is not a top priority to have corrected. Atrocious user experience. How many hours have they wasted to adjust when your avatar gets out of the saddle and at what cadence. Should have dropped that to the bottom of their priorities and worked on this instead. Seems like they are just throwing darts at what they should work on next.



Zwift devs don’t fool yourselves into thinking thousands more people aren’t desperate for this.


I thought it was just me. Seems like a no-brainer!

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Definitely gets my vote

Agree! This is important! It is very cumbersome today.

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I’m happy to do it, just let me into the repo…

It’s a button. Don’t let the UX snots say it’s hard to add or changes the UI. Save, return to start screen. In fact, it’s probably more usable and should be the default.


Yes yes yes. We need this feature ASAP.
Especially now there is Zwift Run.

For Brick workout for Trialthon, we need to move from Bike Ride to Run ASAP.

Currently, once I finished running, I need to save to Strava, then the app closes itself, then I need to open the app again, login again, change to running. This process may take up to 5 minutes, a waste of time.

Please Zwift developer, it’s a simple change in the coding.


Have you tried just going back to the Pairing Screen and switching from Biking to Running?

For bricks there can be some time in between so depending on your device and how fast it loads Zwift it should be about the same time it takes to get ready to run. My Zwift PC can get Zwift up in running in a minute.

The training effect for bricks (the rest in between) can be more time than you think.

Hi Paul.

Yes, I tried that. However if after cycling I just went to pairing screen… Yes, I can run straight away, however when I finished and saved everything. Only the running workout get saved to Strava and training peak, the cycling workout is not saved.

That’s why like I said, we need a feature to save cycling workout without automatically close Zwift, thus We can go to pairing screen to change to run.

Yes. It’s time to Fix this one. It’s getting annoying switching Roads this way. Time to change this.

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This topic perfectly shows that it must be one person coding the entire game with one hand inside a dark room with only one meal per week no coffey and limited resting :sleepy: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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I can’t even understand why it would do this… I can’t think of any other software or app in the world that closes without consent of the person using it. PLEASE FIX THIS ZWIFT!!!

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I am brand new to Zwift but this sounds like a very good suggestion. I can definately see when this would be a plus.

Why hasn’t this been implemented yet?
I would like to end a fast ride, race or workout so that I have power/HR data separate from an event/workout and a cool-down or warm up. It’d also be nice to switch worlds at the same time.

This seems like a basic function.

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Add my vote … .this should have been done by now