Allow pull of TrainerRoad workouts into zwift workout mode

Zwift and TrainerRoad need to sit down and have a bit of a chat.

I’ve been a long time TR user, love it as a training platform and have no intention of leaving.

I have recently started using Zwift and love the virtual world immersion, however Zwift is not a training platform (in my opinion) anywhere near the TR level.

i would love to be able to pull my planned training plan workouts via direct integration between the two into zwift so I can ride my daily, planned TR workouts in zwift.

there is no real downside to either company, both get their subscription, both get my custom. I just don’t want to be tied to TR’s boring workout graph or zwifts lack of training plans, workouts & calendaring (compared to TR).

have some sharing between the apps, share the love.

I can just visualize Nate Pearson reading this and having a meltdown :slight_smile:

Do what myself and other TR users do and run TR on a second device e.g. phone or tablet. That controls the trainer. I then have Zwift running with my trainer or power meter paired as the power source.

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That’s what I plan to do, however not everyone has the equipment or finances to multiple devices or the desire to setup and configure multiple apps.

Here’s how I see a possible future scenario:

Zwift put money towards the training plan/workout side of Zwift and put in place a training platform that matches TR. Who would then pay two subscriptions to two separate platforms?

TR have already built the training platform, Zwift would be wasting money putting in all those works hours to built something that competes with an already mature training platform.
However, they could ‘partner’ with TR and allow TR workouts to be pulled into Zwift and zwift get the benefit of a mature platform, TR get the potentially massive zwift community being exposed to their training platform, training plans and workouts and calendaring.

If Nate, Jonathan and Chad over at TR think that the primary reason pay for TR is the workout ‘graph’, they are dead wrong. I can easily draw up a TR workout in Training Peaks in two minutes if I wanted to then transfer that workout to my wahoo bolt to disconnect me from my PC and take those workouts anywhere.

When you pay for both services anyway, why would they care ‘where’ I do the workout??

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I think the issue is TR are very nervous about people sharing TR workouts with non TR customers. There’s already been some ■■■■ about this in the past and Nate asked people to stop sharing TR workouts as they were breaking copyright or some laws in doing so. I’ve never heard the TR guys ever mention Zwift in their podcasts. TR are the good guys and Zwift is the axis of evil in their eyes.

I gather Zwift are working on the training plan / workout side of things. Improvements will come in time.

TP do it when you load a workout in TP its in zwift workouts just for that day as well as being on my IQ app on my Garmin I just wish TR done this.
I love TR but if they don’t do something by the summer I will go back to TP so I can do my workouts outside on IQ come on TR

Bumping an old thread because I have been seeing a lot of legal statements from others on other threads regarding doing TR workouts on Zwift.

I would think if TR didn’t want their workouts stolen, they wouldn’t allow you to push the workout graph, power, and FTP line into a picture on your Strava activity.