Allow computrainer to be reconnected after workout start

(Christopher Bosso) #1

Occasionally my Computrainer gets disconnected from my laptop during a workout. When I reconnect the USB dongle Zwift doesn’t find my Computrainer again. It seems like Zwift should be able to rescan, find that the Computrainer has returned and resume.

Right now I have to completely exit the app, start it again, select my workout and select my course. Oh and I’ve now lost my place in my workout.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

If you press “A” on the keyboard it brings up the pairing screen.  I believe you can repair it there without having to restart the application.

(Christopher Bosso) #3

Thank you Duane. I’ll give this a try.

Perhaps if Zwift could provide an easy way to discover the secret keyboard shortcuts, some of the UI pain would be lessened.

(Tyler Shannon) #4

Hi Christopher!


We have a full list of our keyboard short cuts here in case you need anything else!

(Paul Allen) #5