All thumbs up on a group ride, but me

I did a group ride this morning and we all sprinted to the segment finish. Confetti and thumbs up on the right side of the screen for everyone but me and another rider. It said below my name that I hit a new PR. Are the thumbs up pre programmed for members of the club? I always feel left out.

Those show up if you hit a new PR or goal (distance ridden, time ridden, etc). It obviously won’t show a thumb for you since you can’t give yourself a ride on. But other riders should see a thumb next to your name like that to easily give a ride on.

The two others on that list besides you that didn’t have the thumb didn’t get PRs on the sprint. Thats why there is no thumb for them.

Ah, so that to click to GIVE a thumbs up. I didn’t realize that. I can’t reach the screen anyhow but I guess some folks swipe down the screen and hit them all because the noise is deafening. :slight_smile:


Deafening comes from people hitting the arrow on the map on the Companion App. It gives everyone within a certain radius (the white circle) a “ride on”.
If several people do it at the same time that can be a lot.

I’ve never been able to get that to work on a group ride…but when riding with the pacers or solo, I do it a lot.

In a group ride, you have send ride ons one by one.

You’re right. I forgot it’s disabled in group rides.

has anyone ever heard an explanation for why this is disabled in group ride events? Seems like the perfect place to use the ride on bomb.