Aeroplane mode

Hi guys, just a quick one, how do you switch to aeroplane mode when in the game on a windows10 computer, do you switch to the mode before you join a ride?

Hope someone can help, cheers.


aeroplane mode? Are you referring to one where you look at your bike from above, if so press the number 9 on your keyboard, if you press 0 after the 9 you can control the camera with the arrow buttons.

Also play with buttons 1 to 8 they are all different views. 

What do you mean by airplane mode? 

Are you talking about disconnecting your internet and riding alone on the course? If so, you first need to login, pair your devices and start a ride, then you can disconnect from your internet and ride alone. To turn on airplane mode when you have Zwift full screen the easiest way would be to ALT+Tab or Windows+D to get to the desktop and then you should be able to enable Airplane mode. Before you finish your ride you need to remember to reconnect your internet so the ride get uploaded to Zwift and any 3rd party sites you have connected.

Thank you Paul, spot on.:slight_smile:

Wow, how wrong did I get that one. LOL


After reading your response I thought I was on the wrong track. Glad he got his question answered.