Adjust Auto Join Events from 6 minutes before to 4 or less minutes?

Does anyone know how to change and if it is possible to change the auto join timer to a smaller time? Right now, I am auto joined into an event at 6 minutes before event start and would love it to be more like 4 minutes.

Thanks in advance!

mine is allways 3.30 minutes before start and has allways been so

Mine is 5 minutes. Up till to today I have never found a setting where I can change this. I doubt even if there is one.

But there is always a countdown before the auto join takes place where you have the option to join or wait (‘No thanks’ on PC and ‘Not yet’ on the Compagnion app). When you take the option not to join just yet, the button ‘Join ride’ will be at your disposal at the bottom left corner. The button ‘Join ride’ is there also before the countdown starts, so you can join earlier.

So there is a way to choose your own time…