Additional workout during training plan

(Brian Scannell) #1

I am currently on one fo the new training plans and wanted to do an additional ride.  I prefer using a workout to a free ride, but when I tried to select one I got a message that this would end my training plan and I would lose the record of the plan progress.  This seems a rather unnecessary restriction.  Is there any chance of the restriction being lifted?

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi Brian,

That’s not right. You should always be able to select any other workout from the general workout menu. Sounds like maybe you were trying to pick another workout from another training plan (right hand tab of the TRAINING menu) rather than just a standalone workout (left hand tab of the TRAINING menu).

Anything from in here is fine to do and should not have any effect on your training plan.

Let me know if that’s not the case for you…

Ride On,


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(Brian Scannell) #3

Well I tried again and had the same result.  I’m running Zwift on my iPad.  I am part way through one of the training plans (rh column in the Training menu you show above).  I completed a session, which saved fine and showed me progress against the plan.  I then started the app again, connected sensors and on the screen showing “ride”, “route” and nearby riders the option was “just ride”.  When I tried to change that it went to the training plan and there was no way I could find to get to select a workout without abandoning the training plan.  It isn’t a huge issue and I’m probably just making a mistake somewhere.  No worries and ride on!