Training Plans

(Robert Horrocks) #1

Doing one of the training plans currentely (great by the way).I understand they lock the work-out availability so i won’t over train but does this include other rides done on Zwift not in the plan ?

Not to mention real rides (because i’m linked with Strava and Garmin).

(Fnu Ashwani) #2

While being enrolled on a training plan, members still have the access to ride in the normal sim mode or an event/group ride. The only feature is inaccessible while in the middle of a training plan is workouts.

For more information on trainer plans, please visit this article.

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(Robert Horrocks) #3

Thanks for the reply but it hasn’t answered my question. Do the plans take into account rides done in SIM mode, you could do hard rides in between training plan and therefore over train ?