Add thunderbolt to Workout Tab in Companion

When in a training activity, in order to give another rider a “ride on” you need to switch to the “map” tab.

I’d like to suggest adding a Thumbs up in the top right corner when in the “workout” tab (see Red dot in picture which would give a “ride on” to the five closest rider like what would be done in the “map” area.

This would allow me to focus on my training whilst providing engagement around me

Please comment if you feel this would be a useful addition?


I’m one who likes to give the thumbs out pretty liberally, I’m onboard with this :slight_smile:

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Hi @Garrett_Austin

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Even the little circle is to small. Good idea.

I would also add a KB shortcut would be nice.


Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ
What’s a KB Shortcut?
And I agree…size matters…in this case I use the companion app on my Iphone SE (pretty small) so a larger button would be nice but my thought was around not taking too much away from the value of our workout stats (#prioroities)

Keyboard Shortcut for those of us using PC’s

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