Adapt Power & HR metrics background colour to HR zones

The metrics zone (top left corner) where power, HR and cadence data is displayed currently has a blue background.

I think it would be nice to see the background colour reflect the HR zone you’re in.

My coach always tells me to stay in the green zone as much as I can this time of year, with only 25 % of my time in yellow and “avoid orange and red zone until april !”. I might be able to follow that advice easier if Zwift took my HR zones (either from free input in the dashboard or after FTP testing if this becomes available in-game - trainerroad style) and adapted the background colour of the metrics zone during the ride.



This sounds like something I mentioned as well.


I like this idea, they could even change the heart shape to the color of your HR zone?

Or you could do something like what Jon Mayfield (the creator of Zwift) did: