Can we read the ave power number

Please can Zwift just change the font colour for the average power number? Currently, it’s black on black and impossible to read. Just change it to blue or green or yellow so we can read it.

I’ve never noticed this. I think this wouldn’t be an issue if the power zones were coloured like the HR (like you’d expect).

I wonder if the reason they aren’t is because for many people it would almost all be red. There’s far greater variation in power bands than there is in heart rate I think.

I think it always goes from 100-600W, so if my “red zone” starts at 250W for example, that’s most of the chart a big red block.



Thanks for flagging that up. I’ve let the design folks know about it.


Darren You might be right. I see on the myzwift website there is an option to toggle power colour on the website’s chart and there is a lot of red.