Activity not synced to Zwift, but on PC

I did the TDZ 5 Group Ride at 18:00 CET but it got discarded just at the end. How can I get it into my Zwift stats and synced to Strava?

Sometimes when Zwift crashes mid-ride, Zwift would automatically upload When that happens, the ride shows up on Zwift with just a date for the activity name. For example, had that happened to me today, the ride would show up as 01/25/2021 (or something similar).

I am not sure if it matters, but I would also relaunch Zwift to make sure Zwift talks to the internet for the upload of the partial activity fit file.

Yes, Thx, after restarting Zwift again, it now shows up in “My Activities” with the title “01/25/2021”, but no further details when I open it.

That happens to me too, unfortunately.

If you use Strava or other similar platforms, you can upload the file to it manually.

For whatever it is worth, you may need to edit the fit file using Fit File Tools. I do not remember exactly what I had to do, but I think it was to adjust the time stamp using either the “Time Adjuster” or the “Corrupt Time Fixer.”

I managed to manually upload the fit file to Strava, it only missed the last km up hill. Thx.