Activities sync’d to TrainingPeaks report elapsed time, not ride time

Example: Zwift activity of 1 hour ride time with a bathroom break in the middle.

This syncs to Strava as 1:00, in Zwift ride history as 1:00 and TrainingPeaks as 1:04.

Can this be fixed please?

Hi Nick,

I can see it’s your first time posting, so welcome to the Zwift Forums!

The thing about .fit files is that it’s all the same data, so whether it’s going to Strava, TrainingPeaks, or your Zwift dashboard, the source .fit file remains the same. The only thing that changes as far as I know is how third-party sites interpret that data. Since it’s an issue where TrainingPeaks is interpreting that very same .fit file data differently (or incorrectly) when compared to Strava or the Zwift dashboard, logically it would seem to be an issue on the TrainingPeaks side, not Zwift. I suggest that you reach out to TrainingPeaks support and get their take on the matter.

Hey Nick,

Just to piggyback from what Steven said…

Strava will usually show only the moving time for your ride. It does not include pauses and/or breaks.

Zwift will show moving time stats at the end of your workout but will post total time in your dashboard and companion app. This includes any breaks or pauses during the workout. It’s calculated from start to finish, regardless of pausing the game.

Training Peaks follows suit with Zwift and will display total time for your workout.

As Steven said, Training Peaks will take our logs and read the total time from the start to the end of your workout. At this time, we don’t have a way to change how third-party connections read our logs.