Activities from other riders added to my strava account

Hello there,

Since mid june I’ve seen activities I did not perform added to my strava account.
For exemple : strava com/activities/5709114185

They almost all occured during the night (Paris’ Time).
I don’t know the users who performed these activities.
They are created as if I was the one who did them.

I reported this issue to Strava and their support is investigating the case too as we speak.

This is quite annoying and raise concerns about the account security.
On strava side I secured as much as possible my account, without success.
I connect on strava through Google, and I have a secured password on swift.

Does anyone know what could be happening ?

Thank you very much !

That is strange! Have you tried disconnecting the link from Strava to Zwift, and vice versa? Then reconnecting them?

On Strava it is under “partner integrations”

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I will give this a try !