Activities suddenly not uploading to Strava

After several years of seamless uploading from Zwift to Strava, since yesterday (Thu 6th May) my activities suddenly stopped uploading. Nothing has changed (that I’m aware of!) from my end. The game play itself is without issue - I even raced today and that worked fine, except the upload at the end to Strava.

Any ideas, folks?

I took a look at the latest log.txt - I see several items like this >>
[17:35:06] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state

Thanks for any help!!!

What game version of Zwift are you using? Can you see if Zwift is still connected to your Strava account?

Thanks. I had to re-connect Zwift to Strava. Weird that it had somehow become unconnected (I hadn’t changed anything!).

Me too, conection from Zwift to Strava was after short Update disabled. I had to choose this in my Zwift-Konto again!

same crap today also on my side, strava got disconnected by itself. Had to go and connect it again after I was wondering why my new ride has not appeared on strava :disappointed:

Happened to me too.

This is happening to me to. Strava says it’s still connected to Zwift. I know Strava recently had a big update, so maybe something broke? But I also noticed on Zwift that after a ride, it takes a long time to save, which is odd. I don’t get an error but they’re clearly not talking anymore. Thanks!