Accidentally Power Doped

Hey, so I did an event on Saturday with a bugged power meter. Basically, it did 1 seconds normal power, then 1 second double power, etc for the entire race! A bit embarrasing really, at first I thought my off week had made me a beast and then quickly realised something was very wrong.

So I managed to delete it from Strava and Zwift, but it still shows on my profile on Zwiftpower, even though I obviously was disqualified for being over WKG. Is there any way to get rid of it, so it doesn’t mess up my profile numbers, like Time-Trailist, Rouler etc?

Also, will it effect my records on Zwift? I would obviously prefer it doesn’t!

Hi @William_Ric-Hansen

Ask ZP to delete that race for you.

They are very responsive.

Make sure you also delete the corresponding file from \Documents\Zwift\cp\userxxxxx

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