Academy Race and ZwiftPower Ranking

Do ZwiftPower category ranking rules apply to the Academy race on the 2015 UCI circuit, as the race description in the Companion application does not mention anything about category rules ? (I just got upgraded to B but as my power output in probably in the lowest percentile I suspect I’ll get dropped faster than one of Galileo’s spheres).

Yes it use the same categories as most races.

Although in the race (zwiftpower dot com slash events.php?zid=1113163) I did 2nd and 3rd in C were B.

I don’t understand the question

My original question was whether the same Zwiftpower rules on minimum category apply to Academy races eg if your Zwiftpower minimum category is B can you ride in C (without being disqualified/moved). In the race I mentioned above (zwiftpower dot com slash events.php?zid=1113163) 2nd and 3rd in C had a minimum category of B so I assume the normal rules don’t apply.

Category Enforcement has not been enabled in the Academy races.