Ability to turn off strava segments in workout mode?

It seems pretty weird to me that strava segments are logged while you’re in workout mode. It really makes for dirty data.

I know the really serious people will say it’s lame, but PRs are a big motivator for me and looking back on my segment history helps me know how my training is going. Every time I do a zwift workout, there are going to be a bunch of bad records generated that screw up my history. 

Can you turn segments off for training rides, or at least give users the ability to do so?

You have to contact Strava. There are also tools for strava to delete segments.

I would say don’t save it to Strava, or like Henry said, contact them and let them give you an option to decide not to have the segments show up in a workout.  It’s not Zwift that carries the segments, it’s Strava.

I appreciate the input. Going in and manually deleting parts of my ride in Strava would solve the problem to the extent that I described it, despite being very time consuming and causing me other problems…

Thing is, I want to keep track of miles/time ridden, (for both training and bike maintenance sake) and my HR and Power data - Strava is my central source of truth for these things. (yeah, I could change it and use training peaks, etc as my data aggregation point, but I don’t want to.) I just don’t want segments showing up. 

If the ride doesn’t adhere to the simulated conditions of the course, (as is the case with an ERG mode workout) then why should it be logged as part of a course?