A week of riding. 15 hours and Enjoyed it so far..

(Rajesh Nair) #1

Last year I did 300 plus hours of Indoor training. And so far I am enjoying this platform a lot. I am particularly happy because Zwift is letting me ride with friends who live in other parts of the world. Without this platform I would be riding along side them just when we visit each other. A rare occurrence. Now we are riding together, we are even doing intervals doing and chatting about it post rides.

And… I have been following the Zwift forum with a lot of amusement this week. I am surprised to see so many are worried about what others are upto or their stats or records or whatever. I personally believe if your intention is to train for a race or a Granfondo or just for personal fitness, any kind of “cheating” can only harm oneself. There is no implication on others whatsoever. Because ultimately we are all going to step out to ride! I see people fly past me at all times. I ride 4.8w/kg as per my ftp. If I can tag along I ride along or I am just happy to do my own workouts.

Cheers and I am enjoying this. Thank you.

(lilmira koyotes) #2

I cannot agree more! There are people that fly past me and I cannot catch them if my life depends on it. On the other hand I fly past people doing my comfort pace. Somewhere in between there are people that push me to ride harder. All I want is to ride more and get better at it. I care very little how someone else is riding on the other end, be it a donkey or software glitch. You know, people cheat riding in the real world too. Enjoy your own experience.

(Jason K) #3

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying Zwift! Expect the experience to get even better as we continue development. :slight_smile:

Ride on.