Feedback after 7 months of Zwift

In general Zwift is great. It’s a great workout whenever you cannot make it out on the road. Specially during Winter time, very wet days and so on. It’s fun to ride.

The downside is that tons of Riders on Zwift are simply cheats. I know lots of people say let them, who cares and so on but what gets me thinking is…why would someone cheat in a virtual world? Because they are sore losers? Can’t live with the reality? You can’t win anything on Zwift.

I’d go this far and say 95% of Z-power riders are cheats. Tons of times i see Non Power icon riders top the leaderboards. I know cheating is not only related to them, if someone wants to cheat they can adjust their weight to a toothpick. That brings me to the next point…im absolutely amazed how many riders are super skinny on Zwift…lmao…yeah right.

I would never participate in a race on Zwift, I don’t need to race cheaters. 

What i would like to see is the ability to hide them. I also think z-power riders should have their own leaderboard and obvious cheats should get banned for life.

Another option would be to remove the leaderboards alltogether or have the ability to choose not to be ranked.

Andre, I think it is impossible to police this.  How is their cheating really hurting you (unless you allow it to)?  I highly doubt 95% of Z-power users are cheaters.  Most of them are just folks that dont want to invest (or can’t afford) a power meter or smart trainer. 

This is my opinion. Everybody can have their own.

Zwift claims to be fun because you can ride with others? Is that really so…now imagine somebody new or untrained enters Zwift. This Person wants to have fun and ride with others but wait…how should he/she…they can’t even keep up…this should be motivating…I don’t think so and no I am not talking about myself…

What will happen, this person will get discouraged or will start cheating…great environment i must say.

I am not attacking you Andre.  I understand your concern but with so many riders now on Zwift, just accept that the small number of cheaters are pathetic and let them blow past you. 

Flag the cheaters with the app and go about your business.