Kicking Butt on Zwift with an Electric Bike

A friend of mine is new to Zwift. He uses his electric bike on Zwift and is able to win the A class with ease. Do you think this is cheating? Should I say something or just let him be?

Hi Willem,

as you are probably aware the scrutinised racing results are dealt with by Zwiftpower. I am guessing you friend has not signed up to this group. If he
has I’m sure his unlikely performances will be flagged by someone else
should you not want to do it yourself. This is probably the best solution
as it would be a shame to loose a friendship over a flawed racing system.

Zwift racing at is still in its infancy rule wise and pretty much anything goes
at present. This is I believe to be changed in the near future as there is talk
of a new racing system. Yes please Zwift. ASAP.

My view on Zwifts racing is, that if you are wanting a good hard workout it is fantastic, as is Zwift overall, I just don’t get too hung up on the results. I am
talking as a (trapped) B group racer that only sees himself under the present system as a keen racer. When I first joined Zwift I did everything I could to reach the A group (mainly through weight loss) but I couldn’t even win a B group race. LOL

I would like to see riders progress through the groups, not just sit at the top of one
group collecting imaginary trophy’s for their imaginary trophy case. Let there be some progression PLEASE. Obviously at some point a rider would top out but that
would be earned, and feel more real. (to me anyway)

Until we are given real points that move us up through the Cat’s keep Zwift racing
results as a fantastically, engaging, awesome training session. Don’t worry about
others until we get a workable solution to all the racing problems. (check the forum
for many other complaints)

Sorry for my rather long reply
“Ride On” …happily


It’s kind of pointless really using an electric bike - does he feel good about winning the races like that? For me its like an adult racing 5 year olds - yeah they would win all the time but what is the point. I’d rather lose and know I’d put a great deal of effort in. Also he will get much less training effect on an assisted bike, so again, what is the point?