No are doing a fine job

I really enjoy Zwift and your overall efforts in making it a fun program for us… All to often I see people complaining and/or bringing up a negative situation; however, I just want you yo know you are doing a great job. Thanks

Looking back at the development that has happend within the platform (even just over the last year), its amazing… and also exciting to see what 2019 is going to bring! Exciting times ahead for sure!

Cheers to all at Zwift that are making it happen :+1:

p.s. When is the next update going to drop? :see_no_evil:


+1, voted!

Yep … I often (mostly) have a lot of complaints … but … basically I should say …

I love a Zwift :+1:

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I agree as well.

Zwift has done the impossible, its made indoor training fun.

Well done Zwift.


This morning I was riding to the usual meeting point along a dead straight road into a 20mph block headwind. I found myself sort of hoping that my mates would not turn up so I could then go back home and do my ride on Zwift instead.

They were there, I sucked it up and did my miles. The thing is, before Zwift that thought would never have even entered my head.

The goal posts have changed. Indoor training is fun and engaging. Top work Zwift.