A few random suggestions...

I have a few random suggestions that I though of while circling Watopia last night, some may have already been covered elsewhere…

  1. Need a few people and noise in the villages, maybe some life at the local pubs and restaurants, and definitely need good oom-pah band somewhere.

  2. How about pressing those ski lifts into service and giving people the option of a ride up the hill?  Of course there has to be a penalty applied to this sort of laziness, e.g. losing more XP for riding the lift than gaining from the bike ride downhill.

3.  A triathlon/TT mode where say drafting within 10m for more than 20 secs automatically gains the rider a compulsory 30sec stand-down at the side of the road.  Or, you get a visual warning but can only get a stand-down if a Blue Man (draft-buster) happens to be nearby at the time.

  1. How about a quick way to glance over the shoulder and see what’s happening, or coming from, behind?

  2. A few off-road trails, and the ability to select a mountain bike.

  3. The ability to crash (and immediately get up again unhurt of course) when certain unfavourable conditions arise (e.g. too fast around slippery corners).


I like the idea 1.

2 sounds quite interesting as a fun option. As long as no points are given for altitude. 

3 not so keen as the TT bikes do not draft anyway (I think)

4 already exists on the keyboard

5 very nice for the mtb riders. Why not adding some tourers with saddlebags and add on kit? I am sure there would be some interest.

6 Genius idea but would restrict that to the T-junctions. If approaching you should slow down, exempt for race mode, as in real life!! if you don’t you may crash with the oother riders, it might teach a real life saving lesson!!

Attached is my vote!