6 weeks wasted training in ERG mode :(

Destroying my knees pushing tiny watts at high resistance. Then I realised it wasn’t automatically allowing me to pedal the required cadence. So I put it in incline mode. Still not perfect though, power meter is jumping all over the place and don’t know what gear I’m in.

Smart bike - wattbike atom

I use an Atom with Zwift in erg mode. It’s been fine but took a bit of getting used to.

It aims to hold your watts at the rate required by the workout regardless of the cadence you’re spinning at. So if you’re putting out 150w at 80 rpm and you then pedal quicker, it’ll reduce the resistance after a couple of seconds to keep the output at 150w. Opposite happens if you slow down.

If you’re in non-erg mode, the gear shows under the wattage display at top left, but only briefly when you change gear.

Hope that helps.

using garminV3 pedals on a kinetic R&R control, ive found this isn’t happening, for example the FTP test at higher power outputs, in ERG mode the resistance is not increasing sufficiently to offset the lowering cadence, i just keep getting the need “more power” banner, yet the resistance is not increasing. enough fi4 me to generate the extra power. to do that i need to increase my cadence considerably.