4K support 290X

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #1



Swapped out my 770 for a 290x since it has alot more power but now I can’t use 4k anymore.

Can this be added? The 290x is alot better than the 770.

Thanks for looking in to this.


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(Gerrie Delport) #2

I dont think your 290x has more power than the 770 see: 





I took another look and the 290x may be a bit better. 



(Mitch De Jode BZR) #3

Thanks for your response, you’re using older benchmarks. In modern games the 290x is around the 780-970 point. I even use it for VR where my 770 fails. The 770 is on par with the Radeon 280X similiar performance. The 290x is actually the same card as a 390. Just another bios rom, that’s why the card improved over the years. Awesome driver support :slight_smile:

Check this out if you’re interested:



For stuff like this zwift needs a graphics part in the options. No more useless post, use profiles for those that don’t want to mess in the options menu.

(Gerrie Delport) #4

Interesting post, (more to read tonight). I should have waited to post, my bias is toward Nvidia, but that is personal opinion. 

Lets hope Zwift support your card soon. 

(Jon Mayfield) #5

I looked through our performance logs and it seems like all the R9 cards can probably get access to the ‘Ultra’ setting.  I’ll enable it for the next build and then I’ll re-evaluate.

Unfortunately using the API we use I can’t tell an R9 290 from an R9 270, as AMD made the identifier “R9 200 Series” for all of those cards in that generation.  Fortunately they came to their senses on the R9 300 cards.    This was the key reason the R9 290 was not marked as ULTRA capable.

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #6

Excellent! Thanks Jon!