Can someone please help, I was just about to get an RX570 card to run Zwift but have read that it won’t run Zwift in ultra mode whereas the lower spec and lower speed GTX1050ti will!!!
Can someone confirm that this is true before I blow my money on the RX570 :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Why no GTX1650 SUPER?

I hadn’t heard of that one, does that run Zwift in ultra?

In general, games run faster on the AMD RX 570 than on the Nvidia GTX 1050 TI. But as you wrote, several forum posts say that Zwift does not fit that pattern.

You can search for systems with “RX 570” and with “GTX 1050 TI” in the Zwiftalizer Benchmarks to see actual results from Zwift users with those cards in machines with specs like yours.

Some Games run better with AMD, some others with Nvidia.

I think, Zwift runs with OpenCL or OpenGL and that runs better with Nvidia.

I had a look on there but

  1. I can’t see what the different coloured bars mean
  2. neither card shows on 1080 Ultra but I know the 1050ti will run in this mode

The bars depict frame rate: