Zwift Ultra gaming setup - 1440p

 Hi All,

I would like to splurge at the start of this new year and am thinking about getting a nice setup for Zwifting. Originally I was thinking about:

Option 1: Intel i5 7400, GTX 1060 (GB), 16 GB RAM + v. expensive G-sync monitor (ultrawide at 1440p)

However, ultimately I would like to run the game on a ulrawide 1440p monitor. I got sucked into the Freesync vs G-Sync discussion and also noticed that G-sync monitors are much more expensive than Freesync (those that work with AMD graphics cards). So, now I am considering getting a setup with:

Option 2: AMD Ryzen 5 1500x 3.2 GHz, AMD Radeon Rx580 (8GB), 16 GB RAM + much cheaper freesync monitor (ultrawide at 1440p)

Could you guys let me know which setup would run Zwift better? Or perhaps I would not see much difference? Please, I am looking for near-ultimate experience, but my total budget is <2000 Euros.

Particularly, I am wondering if all this G-sync vs freesync discussion is not applicable to Zwift. Could someone comment?




As far as I know GSync and Freesync do the same thing. I have a Freesync monitor - but an NViidia graphics card, but have to say I don’t see any issues when I’m running 1080p Ultrawide. 


Ultimately it doesn’t matter. You google to see which graphics card is the most powerful and go with that. If the AMD is as powerful as the GTX1060 then by all means go with that.

I imagine you’re going to get a lot of differing options Michal.

At 2000 EURO you’re right on the border between great and excellent.

Are you intending to buy a machine or build it yourself?

There are many variables when focusing on a single application. I bought my machine based on how it would perform as a gaming platform in general.

Do you have a good internet connection. 

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response. My internet connection is pretty good and I never had any issues with it (I do not recall the speed though). I intend to buy the system ready-to-go. I really focus on the use of this machine for Zwift only so I do not care much about very fast FPS (as I imagine one would for a shooter game). I want to have the highest possible detail/eye candy + very smooth operation. Ideally, I want to go all the way up to 1440p curved ultrawide monitor for very good immersion…

Thanks for your opinion on this.


Oh, the budget of 2000 Euros is for both desktop and monitor…


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Your option 1 would be my choice. Try and get a machine that’s up-gradable as possible.

Are you going with 3 or 6 GB on the GTX 1060?

The i5 with 16 GB will do the job, would it be possible to push for the i7?

The G-Sync v FreeSync is not a major issue if you’re looking for a Zwift capable machine. 

Get as much info as you can, before you spend. The games forums are the places to frequent. 

Hi Michal

I’m running zwift in 1440p on an i7 6700K and Nvidia GTX960 with 4GB.

Monitor is an Acer H277 27 (2560x1440).

Ultrawide runs 3440x1440 (21:9)… please make sure zwift does support this, before getting a monitor.

My setup works perfectly with 60FPS.

I think an i5 7400 will absolutly do, because the i7 is running with only 40% load.

Anyway, as the GTX960 is no longer in production and you need a bit more graphic speed, I would go for a GTX1060, except you want to buy a used one.


As a mobile solution, I also have an 17" laptop with HD. Its quite a different world… 1440p is much more detailed…


2.000,- should be more than enough for your setup. 

Have fun…



If you can wait for a month or two, then the perfect setup is on it’s way…

Intel and AMD teamed up and will present a new APU (a combination of a highend 8th Gen 4c/8t P7 CPU and an AMD Vega GPU) at the CES next week which is quite close to fast P7 + an GTX 1060 Nividia. It should able to run swift also in 4K (if required). Leaked specs:

Intel will sell this in the small NUC form factor ( which is small (stealthy) and efficient. This device will support the new video standards (Displayport 1.4 and HDMI 2.0b) and also freesync.

That will be at least my future Zwift (and dev and gaming) machine (together with a 4k monitor)

EDIT: and here it is > 1000,-USD >


Alienware off eBay. £300 running at full ultra graphic. Looks awesome and a rock sold way to run zwift. I don’t even use the of for anything else cold to think of it

Thanks guys. So I splurged:
I7 7700 + GTX 1080 (8GB) + 8 GB RAM + 120 GB SSD

I think this will last for some years :wink:

Yes Michal, reckon that’ll do nicely for the foreseeable future, pretty much mirrors my own Alienware set up.

Which monitor did/will you decide on?

Hi Paul,
Yea I am looking forward to trying the setup. I think I will go for 43 inch 4k TV as a display…