UHD Support/Ultra profile for 680 GTX

Making a new post after a response in an older thread. The 770 GTX has UHD support and is using the Ultra graphics profile. While the 680 GTX is using the high graphics profile and no uhd support. Those cards are almost identical, performance wise.


Can this be added? It should work perfectly, if UHD doesn’t work atleast the Ultra graphics profile. Since that cards is more than good enough.

Made myself a zwift cave with a 680 GTX powering my screen, that’s why I’m asking this. It’s a shame that I can’t use the true power of this graphics card.


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Build a zwift rig for a friend with an old 660ti in and it can’t run Ultra. While the 750ti can run it… The card is twice as fast… Can both cards be updated in zwift? 

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