4k not available on 4k system

Hi, I’m setting Zwift up on a 4k monitor using a Dell 7390 laptop 2-in-one. The laptop is 4k on its USB-C port.
The laptop sees the monitor as 4k, it plays other Cycling Apps in 4k in the monitor… However Zwift only shows HD 1080p as it’s highest available resolution in Zwift settings.
Is there something I’m missing?


So that has Intel 11th gen integrated graphics, right?

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Looks like it’s 10th gen. from the onboard specs.

Almost all integrated graphics get Basic graphics profile, which is the lowest tier of detail. The profile is automatically determined by the game and cannot be chosen by the user. Devices on Basic profile are limited to 1080p internal render resolution - this is the option you see and can choose in the game’s settings menu. Hope this helps.

PS: Heads up, 10th gen integrated graphics can have freezing issues. Some people have resolved this by rolling back the Intel driver to an older version, see the other threads on this by searching the forum.