3D Print files

Anyone got 3D stl or obj files for some of the features around Watopia? Stuff like the giant cyclist and runner monuments, the blimp and submarine would be nice too. I’d like to play around with printing some knick-knacks, xmas tree ornaments and the like.

That would be fun! @DavidP @xflintx ? Is that an easy thing to do?
Very little on thingiverse

I have been collecting stl files of the elevation profiles via riding the entirety of each world, though @Steve_Berg . If you’re interested. I’ve got about half, but the big ones are quite satisfying.

made some zwift logo stuff years ago: Zwiftlogo_stl_madebyklausm.zip - Google Drive

Thanks guys, I might print that thumbs up to surprise the wife.

@Hans_Whipple are those the elevation profiles like what zwiftinsider has for each route? I just now noticed the 3D Print button on those. Got a picture of one of them?

London and Makuri sin Urukazi. I try to figure out the shortest possible route and then ride it to get the .gpx . Then gpxtruder.xyz .

Close to scale


We don’t have those available, sorry. Good luck in the search!

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