3 Seconds power average display jumping / not working

I have all recent updates installed and use Zwift in Windows 11 with a Zwift Hub.

Since a few weeks the 3 seconds average of power seems not to work. Power is jumping literally every second and never stands still. I tried to switch on/off the 3 seconds option but its not working. I also use the Zwift cog…if thats important.

thanks for help!

I just found out I’m not alone. It seems to be a problem with “race mode”. Please provide a fix!

Apparently it was fixed in version 1.57 but this update was rolled back in 1.57.3, should be back in the next major update (1.58).

  • Power values displayed during Workouts are now more stable when using devices that broadcast power readings at 10 Hz with the “3-second power average” setting enabled.