24+ hours to update league standings?!

The Zwift classics supposedly are a big event series for Zwift right now. So why does it take over 24+ hours to update the general classification rankings on zwiftpower?

Sort it out Zwift!!!

Hi Joel,

I try to update these daily.

You have to manually go in to Zwiftpower and manually update them. I’m afraid I don’t have the time (or waking hours) to do this hourly.

I’ve just updated them again now.

Thank you for the update. I am a PHP programmer and could set up an hourly trigger to run this if that helps?

I’m afraid that this isn’t something we would be willing to give you access to at this stage, but genuinely grateful for your offer of help.

TBH it seems like it’s something that should be trivial for someone at Zwift to set up. A simple script and a cron job. Bob’s your aunt. Having to do things manually is bonkers!


Yep, was going to have a chat :slight_smile:

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I’ve been involved with enough product developments to know that a developer saying “oh, I can do that with a simple script” is a cause for alarm. Never seems to work out as a simple job, always seem to forget about things like usability, maintainability, everyone else sanity… Lets stay away from rushed and unplanned software. And yes, I know enough system architects and business analysts to back me up if you want to fight about it.


I have developed major applications alone and with teams, and it often is a simple script and cron job. Only in bureaucracies do people try to overcomplicate things by having thirty managers weigh in with opinions.

James - could we get another Zwift Classics update please? :slight_smile:

Yep, sorry.