24/7 group rides

regarding the 24/7 rides . there are not many 14 or 15 mph rides. I understand the thought behind their thinking. but, imagine, you are recovering from a bike crash or other incident and can do 17mph but don’t have the strength back yet to do any kind of hills. they have a 14mph ride but it has elevation gain. when recovering from an accident, it is easier to ride harder if you have some motivation like a group ride. Zwift just told me to ride on my own. Not real motivational. they told me to post here to see if there might be any interest in more 14 or 15mph rides. remember I am 71 years old. be nice

There’s no target speed for the robo pacers, just a target power that varies somewhat on different terrain. Are you riding with the Taylor robo pacer at 1.1W/kg? That is the lowest power available.

Taylor is available in two worlds (Watopia and Makuri Islands) and typically the group in Makuri will be smaller and go slower. The routes change on a rotating schedule so some days there will be more elevation gain than others. If you want to see the schedule and which routes they will be on, look at this page:

Another thing you can try (if you have a controllable smart trainer) is lowering the Trainer Difficulty setting to zero so you don’t feel the gradient changes. You will still have to put out more power when the pacer goes uphill but it should help you stay in a more comfortable gear and maintain more steady power, which is usually easier.

There are also some social rides that are at a lower power level than Taylor. If that interests you I might be able to help you find one if you tell me the time (and time zone) when you want to ride. Of course they are not available 24/7 so it may take some luck to find one. Social rides often include sweepers who will help you stay with the group, or just ride with you if getting back to the group is not practical.

There are very few hilly rides in the robot groups. None of them go up ADZ or over the Epic KOM these days.

What you might do is ride on your own doing the routes you want rather than being locked into a particular robopacer ride. This is also better for you to ride at a realistic pace for your fitness situation.

That was what I did when recovering from a very serious injury.