New to Zwift how to use RoboPacer or Pace Partner?

I’m new to Zwift. A friend of mine recommended using a Pace Partner/RoboPacer, but I can’t seem to find that in the GUI.

How do you ride with a RoboPacer?

Image 001

I tried doing some searches but most of them have things like this, that I don’t have in my GUI.

How does your home screen look like?

You will hvat to scroll down to 24/7 Group rides.

You can then scroll right to find more,

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Look for “24/7” rides on the home screen. You can drag the tiles from right to left to reveal more of them.


Ahh OK… so Group Rides are the same thing as Robo Pacers and Pace Partners? I’m guessing D,C,B,A and the color are all about how hard the pacer is, with the stats next to it. Do the letters mean anything else?

Nice that they changed names 3 times. For new people, it makes it hard. Seems like there should be a “?” in the corner of Zwift with a manual or help or something? I’ve had to do a lot of google searches to figure out stuff.

ABCD is an indication of how hard it will be to ride with the Robo Pacer. A is the fastest.

No, Group Rides are something different.

Robo Pacers is the current official name for what used to be called Pace Partners.

But that section of the Home Screen “24/7 Group Rides” is where you can select which robo partner to ride with. I can see how that can be confusing to folks looking for Pace Partners or Robo Pacers.


So there is some way for me to ride with a Robo Pacer, not using group ride? How do I do that?

Those are the robo partners, so you can just select the one that has the w/kg target you’re looking for and ride any time, for any amount of time. Just jump in and try one out, if it’s too fast or slow you can try a different one.

Hmm, I hadn’t previously noticed the unfortunate and confusing use of the term “Group Rides” in the Home screen as a heading for Robo Pacer rides.


Yeah… I felt like I wasn’t ready for a group ride. I thought it was all live people. I just wanted to try the Robo Pacer. I didn’t realize they were the same thing. Now I know… Thanks all.