2018 UCI Worlds - Lap Bug

Seems there is a bug on Innsbruck. Looks like if you’re starting the UCI Worlds lap, you hang a right before the hotel and cut out the KOM, you can still clock a lap time. Couple of 15 min laps registered today but if you look at the riders profile and see the activity, you’ll see the turn and cutting the lap short.

Looks like this is still an issue. @shooj can you move this one up the list?

Here are some photos from my ride today.

This one is after I did I few laps on Lutscher, but then took a break to do a couple of laps on Innsbruckring. As the OP said, I got a time for the UCI lap even though I made a manual turn at the Z Hotel and skipped the climb entirely:

This photo shows a more realistic time for me:

And this one shows that someone else managed to put up a time under 5 minutes!