2016 Kickr loses power once grade reaches 13%

2016 Wahoo Kickr
AppleTv 64mb
Zwift companion App (iPhone)
4iiii power meter for cadence
Garmin hr monitor

The firmware on everything is up to date.
The problem I’ve been having is when I’m climbing any hill that gets to 13% or higher I lose power. But, once it drops back to 12% everything is normal. Just once I get to 13% grade no power.
Wahoo ran had me run some tests on it and do a factory reset. Nothing helped. They said the kickr seems to be running fine. Told me to contact Zwift support. I relayed the info from Wahoo to Zwift support and so far they have no clue! Getting very frustrating that no one seems to know about the issue I’m experiencing!
The worst part about the whole thing is after I try something they suggest I have to find a course where there is a hill that is 13%+ so I can test their solution. And I’ve done this several times in these last few weeks. Kindof hard to get any quality training in. You would think that they could have me set it up some how to test their solution without having to ride a course. I guess not.

So, now I’m reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue I’m having and what the solution might be.

Thanks in advance!!

How are you connecting all of your devices? You list 3 (trainer, power meter, HRM), but ATV can only connect two of these. Are you connecting via the Companion app, or using the 4iiii as a bridge (if it can do that)?

Hey Nigel,

I’m using the “Cable” device to connect everything. But, you can also use the Companion App.

What is your setting for the grade realism slider?
What is your weight?
How many RPMs at 12%?

I am 100+ kg and when I had my H3 set to 100%, my RPMs on steep grades was very low (mid-40s)…the H3 went into overheat protection mode. Your issue is not exactly the same but maybe the Kickr treats the situation differently. If you are a big man and grinding, try setting it to 50-60% to get your RPMs up.

My slider is 100% always.
Weight 198lbs
Cadence is usually around 65-70 at that grade or higher, try my hardest to never go below 65.
My Kickr does the same thing with the slider at 50% so I put it back to 100% seeing how it didn’t make a difference.