2014 MacBook Pro Zwift crashing OS Big Sur (And previously Sonoma)

So I have this 2014 MAc book that I used for years for Zwift. It had OS Sonoma for months but then began crashing. I wiped the computer stepped all the way back to Big Sur The computer has nothing on it but Zwift and Rouvy

But after 3 rides it started crashing again on Zwift.
Upgraded to Monterey still crashed
Wiped and reloaded still crashed
I7 Intel Mac book pro. That I used for years
This is fucked

If it’s just the Zwift app that’s crashing, you should probably contact support and ask them to look at the log files. I have no idea if this is a Zwift bug, but my experience with two Macs in the household (that have run Monterey to Sonoma since I started using Zwift) is crashes are extremely rare. It does make me wonder if there is something wrong with the laptop but that is only suspicion. Zwift can be a bit of a stress test for hardware - it’s certainly the most demanding application I use.

Used it for years. Started crashing with Sonoma upgrade. Wiped it and down graded. Only thing on it is Zwift . Gets me 30 or 40 minutes before it crashes.

We are not seeing many reports of crashes on macs here on the forum, and if this were widespread we probably would hear a chorus of screams. Upgrading a mac and then downgrading it does not necessarily mean it’s back to the original state, if firmware updates were installed as part of the upgrade.

You might consider running a temperature measurement utility like TG Pro to see if the system is getting hot (or use it to crank the fans up all the time to see if that helps). Any issues observed there should probably be followed up by opening the laptop and cleaning out any accumulated dust or pet hair.

One thing you could try is running Zwift with the laptop unplugged from power and set the battery saver setting to something other than off / max speed. This caps the frame rate.

I’ve had very similar problems.

2016 MacBook Pro running latest Montery (that’s the latest version this model will take). A few days ago, Zwift update downloaded once I’d logged in. Just as I started my ride, the Mac crashed. Error message telling me it was a Panic Media Boot with a Third Party Kernel Extension, with “Volume Hash Mismatch”. A quick Google showed others have had this with Swift too - recommended run First Aid from Recovery. Error now “Issue with memory module”

I tried several reboots - still crashing with Zwift, then became very unstable and difficult to boot up at all. Ran every recovery mode and diagnostic option I could get from Apple. Appeared to be a hardware problem so took back to Apple who have wiped it, tested it over 48 hours (‘stress testing’) and they found NO hardware issues whatsoever. Conclusion: IOS problem. I’ve now got it back with re-installed IOS, but cannot just use TimeMachine as backup will have the same fault! I have to transfer all my stuff folder by folder

So, my dilemma is do I risk reinstalling Zwift and causing the same problem all over again?