1x11 with Zwift Play

Hi All,

I am going back to a Kickr v6 after having too many issues with Smart Bikes.

I am looking at buying a cheap gravel bike (SRAM 1X11) so I do not wreck my outdoor bike. The cassett is 11-42T

Normally I would spin out this combo when sprinting, however, would using Zwift Play virtual shifting with the Kickr v6 give me more resistance?

Any other issues to look out for?


Virtual shifting should sort out the resistance assuming that it works reliably for you. Some people have a perfect experience with it, but that’s not universal. In the Wahoo app you can adjust the virtual wheel size which will affect the amount of resistance produced by the trainer. You could also ask the bicycle dealer what is the largest chainring that will clear the frame.

just put 55t on call it day. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: , i have 55t on my racing bike, it Pain to buy new chain rings for it. @Paul_Southworth

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The risk is that the larger chainring doesn’t have enough clearance from the right chainstay especially on a bike with wide tire clearance and fat tubing. Usually the manufacturer will have guidance on that.

I use SRAM 1x indoors
I have an Absolute Black oval 46 tooth front ring and it allows me to handle almost every situation

You can use the Wahoo app to set a base resistance, say 2.5% grade, and shift from there to adjust the power needed. The drawback is you do not have resistance changes

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