Zwiftpower races - organizer should list number of laps for all categories

Yesterday’s Race #2 | Cobbled Climbs (Richmond Hilly Roads) at 14:00 was posted on Zwiftpower as 3 laps, 27 km. This wasn’t further clarified in the description.
When I signed up on the Zwift app, I simply scrolled down to the D category and hit the + button. If I had paid more attention at that point I would have noticed that the D category had only one lap. If this had been stated in the Zwiftpower description I would have rejected this race (too short) and I would have looked for others. As it was, I started the race assuming 3 laps and therefore at reduced power compared to a 1 lap race.
When the number of laps is not the same for each category, it would avoid confusion if the Zwiftpower description would specifically indicate this.

In the companion app this is correctly shown.

ZwiftPower is on life support so you should not expect any improvements there


I use Zwiftpower to filter races to my preferences. In this respect Zwiftpower is much better than the Zwift app.

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I don’t expect Zwiftpower to change. I’m simply suggesting that the race organizer should state the number of laps for each category in the race description (whenever the number of laps is different among categories). Some organizers do this already which I appreciate.